From 1 to 5 October 2024, the National Farmers’ Seeds Network, SOL Alternatives Agroécologiques et Solidaires and the MSPM, in partnership with Let’s Liberate Diversity, are organising the International Farmer Seeds Gathering ‘Sow your resistance’ in the Alpes Maritimes.

The aim of these meetings is to bring together farmers, civil society players, farmers’ organisations, researchers and citizens from all continents to discuss the technical, environmental, social and economic issues involved in preserving, multiplying and circulating farmers’ seeds 🌽

This Gathering is therefore a key opportunity to build collective skills on the subject of farmers’ seeds, forge strong links between participants and send out a strong collective message in favour of an agro-ecological farming system that is healthy for the environment and for people.

Throughout the week, there will be time for small groups in host farms, as well as training sessions and plenary sessions. We will also be hosting the Let’s Liberate Diversity General Assembly and Forum 🇪🇺

The day will end with a festive day to raise public awareness of the importance of cultivated biodiversity in our food 🎉

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